Unboxing and Assembling a Personal Companion - Sex Doll

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Prior to utilising a lifelike sex doll, it is crucial to take note of one significant measure. It is important to exercise caution while unboxing and assembling your intimate companion doll.

Step 1: Transfer the parcel with caution to a spacious room with ample floor area.
The weight of full-size sex dolls typically ranges from 50 to 70 pounds, which includes the weight of the packaging. The weight of a complete sex doll may reach up to 80 pounds. Kindly ensure that you are well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to handle the package during transportation. 

Step 2: Use a sharp tool such as a knife or box cutter to carefully cut along the seams of the package
Lay the parcel horizontally on the ground and slice the adhesive on the upper edges of the container to unseal it. Make sure to exercise caution while cutting to avoid accidentally severing ties with your beloved new companion.

Step 3: Prior to handling the doll, ensure to cleanse your hands meticulously
Prior to removing your love doll from its packaging, it is recommended that you cleanse your hands thoroughly. Otherwise, you risk soiling her with your touch or leaving permanent blemishes on her natural complexion.

Step 4: Remove the head from your sex doll's packaging
Packing foam encases the head. Gently unwrap the foam packaging and extract the head from the bag.

Reminder: The bag can be used to store the head when it is not in use.

Step 5: Take out all additional items from the package
Frequently, the bundle includes additional items like attire for the love doll, maintenance equipment, and other related items. Take out all the additional items from the container to ensure that only her physical form and the cover she's resting on remain.

Step 6: Use a pair of scissors to detach the foam from the body 
You should be carefully handling your sex doll after receiving it. The pair of scissors is enough for detaching the foam from the body. 

Step 7: Carefully remove your love doll from the packaging along with the protective cover.
Embrace the plush toy and cosy cover, carefully remove them from the container, and softly position them on the ground next to it.

Step 8: Connect the head to your love doll and place the wig on top.
While it seems quite a simple step, connecting the head requires a bit of expertise and previous knowledge about doing it.


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