Complimentary Sex Toys to Be Used With Sex Dolls

This site’s main focus in on realistic sex dolls, but today I would like to write a post of a more general nature.

I am going to write a few words about sex toys in general, especially how they can be used in conjunction with the sex dolls in order to enhance your overall pleasure.

Let’s start off with a general intro to the subject.

First of all, sex toys are such a broad term that it can bring up many different images to many different people. Some may immediately conjure up pictures in their head of monstrous, foot long, thick-as-your-arm, veiny dildos….while others think about something along the lines of those little ‘bullets’ that are only about the size of your pinky finger.

So it’s whatever you want them to be. My point is, don’t let a closed mind preclude you from an entire world of pleasure. Trust me on this.

Ok moving on, specifically relevant to our discussion here, namely men and enhancing the fun they can have with their sex dolls, are two items:

1- A smallish vibrator of some sort such as one of the bullet vibrators.

2- A prostate stimulator of some kind (Again, don’t get freaked out here, there is nothing inherently ‘gay’ (not that there is anything at all wrong with that, I’m just trying to assuage many common straight male concerns) about stimulating the prostate. It’s a doorway to such intense pleasure you just can’t imagine it until you experience it!

Let’s discuss both in detail.

1- A bullet vibrator (aka love eggs) is so named due to its similar size and shape as, well…a bullet. They’re about the size of your pinky or thumb and most of them come with a simple built-in dial to adjust various levels of intensity.

love eggs

Here are a few ways to include them in an extra spicy twist the next time you go to have sex with your lovely doll.

  • Insert the bullet inside your woman before you enter her yourself. Turned on of course. This will create a very intense vibrating sensation in the area while your fucking her, which can lead to a very different, very enjoyable, kind of orgasm. Or, if you’re fucking her in her pussy, slip the bullet inside her asshole (or vice versa) which will create a sensation from a different angle
  • Use the bullet to massage your testicles while you are ramming your latex lady. I would only advise to start on the lowest setting possible and using a very light touch until you can gauge the effects. This can also be done (usually with a higher setting and with more pressure) on your nipples. If you have any other hot spots do the same for them
  • My favorite: Crank that suckers up to full blast and applies it with some decent pressure on your taint ( the area between your balls and your asshole). I normally reserve this for when I get close to orgasm, then I apply it as described above to the point just behind my balls. It does something ridiculous and gives me the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced in my life, literally. Very, very explosive
  • A close second would be using it in a similar manner on, and sometimes slightly in, the anus. There are a zillion or so nerve endings in there so it’s beyond a shame to ignore this. It feels so fucking good! I, like most people, need to be pretty warmed up and rather close to orgasm for this to feel really good. But once your at that point it can really give you a crazy kind of orgasm that cannot be described properly, only experienced.

That last point leads us perfectly into:

2- Prostate stimulators: Most men sadly go through their whole lives never having experienced the full, deep, explosive type of orgasm that the right kind of prostate stimulation can give them.

Guys, our prostate, from a sexual perspective, is like a woman’s G-spot. It’s best to be fully ‘revved up’ and close to ejaculating before you start any sort of serious stimulation of it.

sex toys for men

There are toys designed exclusively for this. There normally of a thinner, curved nature than your standard dildo. Created to curve up and around inside your backdoor to hit your prostate. Do this correctly….find your proper pressure and vibration setting, and with the right timing around your orgasm…and as long as you totally let go. This combination will give you one of the very deepest, most incredible, most melt-into-the-fucking-bed WOW types of orgasms you’ll ever have

Free yourself from the ‘sexual norm’, if there is such a thing. Expand your boundaries stay open to new types of pleasure…there are a lot of them!


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