Cute Sex Doll – WM 100cm D-cup Jadyn

Cute Sex Doll – WM 100cm D-cup Jadyn

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WM Doll


WM #102


WM 100cm D-cup

Skin Tone









Metallic Skeleton Fully Articulated




100cm (3'3")


63cm (25")


38cm (14")


60cm (24")


14kg (31bs)

Anal Depth

17cm (6.7")

Vagina Depth

17cm (6.7")

Oral Depth


Leg Length

41cm (17")

Shoulder Width

22cm (9")

Thigh Circum

35.5cm (13")

Bra Size


Arm Length

43cm (19")

Foot Length

15cm (9")

Shoe Size




Real Love Sex Doll Selena is a 100cm deliciously curvy petite love doll.  She features a cartoon style face with wide eyes, small mouth and teardrop shaped face. Selena has vaginal, anal and oral capabilities. Please note, if replaceable vagina option is chosen, the doll will not have an anal orifice.


1.The dolls are taken in kind, and we guarantee that the dolls you receive are consistent with this.(Buy now!Including free dolls’ clothes,but free clothes in the picture do not match.)
2.In some countries ,the import taxes might be required at delivery. We have nothing to do with this, it is required by some countries and it usually ranges from $100 to $150 and up, depending on the doll. Buyer is responsible for import taxes and fees.
3.Your privacy is our main goal. There is no specific indication or labelling on the box that reveals the contents inside.Your doll will be labelled “mannequin” (for customs clearance).Billing statement on your credit card will show a charge from “SDH”.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Easy to handle

Very happy with my purchase! She is easier to handle than the bigger dolls. Just wish there was a way to make her boobs softer!

Very life like.

Very life like.

Glad that I purchased her

I have had so much fun with her! I have had problems climaxing during sex for years, a lot of hang ups and messed up beliefs from growing up in the church. Realistic sex dolls are the ultimate taboo within the church for some reason, who knows, who cares. The physical sensation is indistinguishable from actually having sex and honestly, I also had trouble climaxing at first with her. It was frustrating. I gave it some time and within a week, I easily was climaxing during intercourse with her. I have had a lot of sex toys and never had a problem climaxing, they didn't feel as real as her. The irony. Now I use her once per day and am LOVING her. Her size makes maintenance and cleaning easy. I did end up putting a big stain on her, but it has cleared up thankfully. I have learned more about my sexuality within the last month than I have since hitting puberty (I am 37). I never feel guilt anymore over this, she has been very therapeutic for me! I plan on buying a doll that is around 155-165 cm, I think every guy should have one. When I get married, if my wife isn't in the mood, is sick, just had a baby and can't have sex, or I'm traveling, I will still be able to have sex!!! The only downside to having such a small doll is that due to the size, it can be a bit awkward so there is a learning curve to finding comfortable positions. Reverse cowgirl is my favorite position, just makes my arms sore but they are getting used to it, good work out. I am confident that the next time I actually have sex with a real woman, I will climax easily! I will have sex dolls until the day I die, screw what the church thinks, best purchase I have ever made for myself! One last thing, she is the only sex toy I have ever had to where once I was done using it, my body told me I just got laid!!! Also, Sex Doll Honey has given me fantastic service!

Love this doll

Sexy, beautifully crafted product that exceeds expectations. Exceptional service and professionalism from the SDH team, just an 8 day turnaround from order to receiving product. Unlimited fantasy realizations to come. If you are sitting on the fence about purchasing one of these wonderful creations then stop wondering and order today! I've already started saving for my next purchase.