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Easy to handle

Very happy with my purchase! She is easier to handle than the bigger dolls. Just wish there was a way to make her boobs softer!

Very life like.

Very life like.


Just got her 3 hours and can't keep my eyes off her! Satisfied with her. Very life like. Got her a day early than expected. No complaints here. New definition to mail order bride. Thanks!


The look, feel, boob bounce will surly satisfy. Internal textures are great. A little plumbers tape and 3 hose washers work perfect for holding the head in a steady position. Doll has been used a lot, still holding up great. 100% satisfied!

Small but sexy

I think this is the best doll but it is a pity that it's small. Now, if it was just perfect 150-160cm then it became.


She has a gorgeous face and the medium body style is very nicely proportioned. The skin tone really suits her and looks quite natural. The customer service has been great and she shipped to Oz (Aust.) very quickly without any problems.
P.S. the TPE sample is great for testing makeup types and techniques on. Cheers

Sexxxy young girl doll, very realistic. Hot!

Fully satisfied! Though small, if she were any bigger, she would be so heavy that moving her around would be difficult. High quality, great service, delivered in ten days.

Absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.

A dream that came to life!

To begin with I am sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
Finally, after two months of anxious waiting my girl has arrived! She is corresponds exactly to the photographs, with the exception of a little more simple make-up. The hip joints is very tight, I hope they will slightly weaken over time. Still I can't turn the wrist. I know that for the first time wrist joints is very difficult to rotate, but I do not have enough courage, afraid to break her fingers or tear the skin. But when you look at her, feel her skin under your fingers. All small defects cease to have value! She is perfect! She had gotten used to frost, drinks vodka, plays on the balalaika, and sleeps in an embrace with a bear! 😀 (A little of stereotypical humor)
Enormously grateful to the whole SDH team!

Pretty Impressive

Ok, so first the look, if you follow what they have she will look VERY close to the photos. Skin a bit lighter. The figure is amazing, large high up breasts, thin demur legs. She is very attractive and her nighty she comes with is sexy.

Feels: Breasts are great, kind of the perfect firmness for fake tits. Very fun to play with though no Russian play. Haven't tried the mouth for anything but kissing but it feels remarkably close minus any tongue action. As for the sensual openings, I haven't used the anal but the vaginal, when lubed well and warmed, is terrific and shockingly close. The only difference is the possible need to relube and that there is no muscle movement. I generally use a condom for ease of clean, but if you roll without it, it will feel very stimulating.

This is my favorite and would be very fun with this doll but the weight makes it prohibitive. Now I know why a video I saw used a ceiling hook. I imagine that is find experience.

So it is well made, scary close to a person, and can give you a fantastic sensation. But know the workout and effort it involves.


Looks just as good in person soft pink skin easy to move around once out of the box.
Good communication during and after production very happy with my doll

Beautiful girl

I really like her, very satisfied!


Just opened my doll today, shes amazing! Such a cute face, really detailed! Shes petite of body, but very realistic! Im very impressed with the quality and everything about her. The ordering and customer experience with SDH was great as well!

Amazing girl

Everything works perfect from ordering to delivery and service. By far the best experience i ever had.

A piece of art!

Way beyond my expectation! Love her 🙂

my new sexy girl!

my new sexy girl! I love her! Thanks

Cute face and soulful

Took a bit long to arrive. all good other than this. will come back for the second head

superb customer service

Doll is beautiful! A bit long to arrive, but speedy customer service from sexdollhoney team!

superb customer service

Doll is beautiful! A bit long to arrive, but speedy customer service from sexdollhoney team!

Great price

It is cheaper than the other sites.

Nice purchase

She looks even better in real!

Breath taking doll.

This is my first time with a product like this and I am highly impressed. Very happy with the body style overall. Since I'm a fairly tall person I knew the 140cm body shown pictured would be too short for me. Package arrived 2 weeks after placing order, very fast shipping from overseas. Very lifelike and sensual.My only regret is that I can't try them all out!

Real doll

Very life-like, and her face looks so beautiful and cute.
Fantastic figure. I'm very happy.

I love it

First time purchase. Excellent service! Also, I am really pleased with the quality of the doll for the price range. I will purchase again in the future.

She is beautiful

She looks beautiful and also feels like real human.