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Who is Sex Doll Honey?

How do I know that Sex Doll Honey sells authentic sex dolls?

Are your dolls made from TPE or Silicone?

Does Sex Doll Honey have a physical Shop?


What does having sex with a doll feel like?

How does the vagina look and feel on my sex doll?

What does Standing Foot Option mean in sex dolls?

Between SILICONE AND TPE, which is the better option?

How do I store and handle my sex doll?

Can I try out sex doll before buying it?

Is my sex doll ready to be used right after purchase?

Can I get my doll to look the way it looked in the product catalog?

Is the doll I'll get the same as the one displayed in the photos?

Can my doll's skeleton break? If yes, how do I look after it?

How do I unbox and unpack my sex doll?

Do you sell small sex dolls or "Mini" dolls?

How long will my sex doll last?

I want a custom sex doll. Can I design it myself?


What are the things I need to clean my sex doll?

How often should I clean my Sex Doll?

What are the steps to clean my doll?

Are there any tips for bathing my doll in the shower?

What are the steps to clean my sex doll's anus, vagina and mouth?

How do I clean my sex doll's face?

How do I wash my sex doll's wig?

After cleaning, how do I dry my sex doll?

What should I do if I damage my doll?

I don’t want to get my doll messy; how do I go about this?

My doll is missing a fingernail, how do I replace it?

How do I attach loose eyelashes to my doll?

My sex doll has creases; how do I remove them?

How do I remove stains from my sex doll?

How do I replace my sex doll’s eyes?


Can I customize my sex doll?

Can you customize a doll for me from a photo? 


What is a Money Back Guarantee?

What do you exactly guarantee?

How do I claim my Money-Back Guarantee?

How does the guarantee work?

If I use my doll, do I still have the guarantee?

What does the guarantee not cover?


How do I order?

After placing my order, what next?

I want to edit my order, how do I contact you?

How do I find my order?

Can I order now and pay later?

Can I place multiple orders concurrently?

What is the timeline estimate for orders?

Do you have problems at checkout?


What are the payment options available?

What does an International Payment Fee mean?

Can I pay gradually for my sex doll or finance it?

Am I guaranteed secure payment when I pay over the internet?

What do you guarantee?


Is my privacy protected? If yes, how?

Do your Emails show as Sex Doll Honey?


What is the ordering and delivery timeline like?