We are dedicated to offering our customers quick, dependable, and secure shipping services on our website. We also know how crucial it is for you to receive your love dolls on time, in perfect shape, and discreet packaging. To ensure a seamless delivery process, we have teamed up with the most dependable carriers and carefully packed each item. To make your buying experience as seamless as possible, you can find all the information you need regarding our shipping policies, expected delivery dates, and other pertinent facts on this page about shipping. We have a committed customer support team that is available at all times if you have any questions.

1.Global Shipping

Customers in the US are not subject to any additional or hidden costs. All taxes and customs clearance fees are included in the price you see, and we take care of these costs whenever possible. We always pay you the shipping and customs fees for these nations, so there are no additional expenditures.

We ship worldwide. (We don't ship to Islamic countries, like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq etc.. )

**We cannot pay import fees in advance for select countries, including CAN, NOR, AUS, SE, and SA. However, in order to make the process as stress-free as possible, we are happy to split the duty fees with you up to 50% (a maximum of $200). We will also manage the communication with import customs. The total cost of the additional fee is often around $150, and we can typically provide you with a cost estimate before your purchase.

2. Discreet Shipping 

We respect your privacy. All of our sex dolls are sent out in entirely concealed packaging.

• Delivery of sex dolls comes in a plain, unbranded brown box. The handler or courier has no knowledge of the contents of the package.

• "Mannequin" will be listed as the declaration's contents.

3.Production Time

A doll is typically made in two to five weeks. However, the time required may vary based on the brand and material. We may be able to speed up production for you in certain cases.

For your convenience, a list of well-known sex doll manufacturers and their expected manufacturing periods is provided below. **Production may be delayed depending on the holiday (New Year's Day, Christmas Day, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival, etc.).

4.Shipping Time 

• Dolls in Stock

After receiving payment, all in-stock products will ship within 1-2 business days.

• Custom-made Sex Dolls

Delivery times vary depending on the manufacturer. However, any items without "In Stock" in the product name will require a custom order. 

It is a projected delivery date. This time limit may be extended in certain cases (such as a Chinese holiday, severe weather, etc.).

5. Tracking Your Package

If the shipment is shipped, we'll email you a tracking number. Please watch your package's progress until it is delivered in case anything goes wrong (e.g., tracking is suspended, something is missing, etc.).

6. Delivery Details Modification 

• Pickup

Before the shipment is sent out, if you intend to pick up your package at a FedEx/UPS location, let us know the address. If FedEx or UPS delivers the package to an incorrect or unreceptive address, you must phone the store to find out if pickups are permitted.

• Change Your Shipping Address 

Before shipping, please double-check your address. Please contact us first if you want to change the delivery address after the goods have been delivered.

• Change your delivery time, or hold on

If you are unable to accept the parcel at the estimated time indicated by the courier, you can immediately contact the courier to adjust the delivery time to a more convenient time. You will receive specific information from the courier after your order has been processed and sent.

Please make sure that your phone is always available so that you may hear our critical messages at any time, and make sure that our email is not folded or blocked.


Upon receiving the shipment, you must carefully examine each item to see whether there is any damage. Take a picture or a video of the delivery box if it appears to be damaged so that you can submit a claim to the shipping company. Even though the cartons appear to be in good condition from the exterior, it is advised that you open each one and inspect it. If you notice any damage, record some video or photos. If the doll is damaged during shipping, we may occasionally need your assistance in filing a claim with the shipping company.


Several factors can have an impact on international shipping when we are transporting our items to our cherished customers:

Climate and natural catastrophes
Storms, floods, and earthquakes are examples of severe weather that might delay or disrupt deliveries.

Inspections by customs (in Europe)
Depending on the laws in your country, your delivery may be subject to customs inspections, which could cause further delays or even penalties.

Local holidays
Delivery times may be impacted by local holidays, when shipping companies may not operate or operate with shortened hours, delaying the transit of packages.

Political conditions and regulatory changes
These can affect shipping routes, transit times, or even the accessibility of specific items in particular areas. Changes in the political environment, governmental rules, or trade policies can also have these effects.

Unforeseen circumstances
Unexpected occurrences like accidents, strikes, or problems with shipping carriers' operations might potentially delay delivery.

We value your patience and understanding as we work through these obstacles to deliver your love doll quickly and safely. You can trust that we will give you the most outstanding service and support available during shipping.


Wrong Dolls
Just send us an unboxing video (with the doll's entire body, head, shipping label, and outer package box) when you receive the doll and discover that it appears entirely different from the factory photos or website. We'll let our manufacturer and shipping company know and check with them before setting up a fresh replacement for you.

Broken Dolls
You should file a claim with the courier company if your package is seriously damaged when you receive it. Depending on the extent of the damage, a new replacement will be ordered. There will be a repair kit available for minor damage.

Missing Item
Call UPS/FedEx and submit a claim as soon as possible if the tracking number indicates your package was delivered but you never received it. For most packages, we add an adult signature service (exceptions may apply).


***DO NOT FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR PAYMENT CARD OR RETURN THE PACKAGE DIRECTLY. Please email us so we can discuss your order cancellation or shipment return. Made-to-order and in-stock orders cannot be returned to the shipping address on the package box. Before returning the doll to us, please ensure it is brand new and has never been used.