Unboxing and Assembling

in How to Use Sex Dolls
Step 1: Transfer the parcel with caution to a spacious room with ample floor area.
The weight of full-size sex dolls typically varies between 50 to 70 pounds, inclusive of the packaging. In some cases, the total weight of a fully assembled sex doll can even extend to 80 pounds. It is imperative that you are adequately prepared and possess the requisite expertise to handle the package safely and securely during transportation. 
Step 2: Use a sharp tool such as a knife or box cutter to carefully cut along the seams of the package
To access the contents of the parcel, it is advisable to position it horizontally on a flat surface and carefully cut the adhesive seals along the upper edges of the container. It is of utmost importance to exercise caution during this process to prevent any unintentional damage to your cherished new companion.
Step 3: Prior to handling the doll, ensure to cleanse your hands meticulously
Before proceeding to extract your love doll from its packaging, it is highly advisable to cleanse your hands meticulously. Failure to do so could result in the potential for soil or the creation of permanent blemishes on her natural complexion due to contact with contaminants on your hands.
Step 4: Remove the head from your sex doll's packaging
The head is carefully safeguarded within protective packing foam. Take care to gently unwrap the foam packaging and retrieve the head from its enclosure.
Reminder: You have the option to use the provided bag for safe storage of the head when it is not in use, ensuring its protection and cleanliness.
Step 5: Take out all additional items from the package
Oftentimes, the package includes supplementary items such as attire for the love doll, maintenance tools, and other related accessories. Carefully remove all these additional items from the container, ensuring that only her physical form and the protective cover she rests on are left inside.
Step 6: Use a pair of scissors to detach the foam from the body 
When it comes to handling your sex doll after receiving it, it's crucial to exercise care and caution. A pair of scissors should suffice for carefully detaching the foam from the body without causing any harm or damage.
Step 7: Carefully remove your love doll from the packaging along with the protective cover.
Embrace the plush toy and its cozy cover, then gently extract them from the container and softly place them on the ground alongside it.
Step 8: Connect the head to your love doll and place the wig on top.
Though it may appear straightforward at first glance, connecting the head requires a degree of expertise and prior experience to ensure it is done correctly.