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Yes, without a doubt. Our website is a reliable source for real and high quality sex dolls and an authorized reseller. There are no fake or inferior dolls here. More than 30 Sex Doll manufacturers and brands have endorsed SexDollHoney.com

Buying a doll from an authorized vendor can immediately carry out linguistic communication to help solve numerous problems that customers may eventually face, while manufacturers have a greater emphasis on process research and production and are less adept at customer communication.

Additionally, the vendor team has in-depth knowledge of a variety of brands and can take into account the demands of both customers and manufacturers overall in order to provide the greatest buying experience. It's also simpler to advertise goods and spread awareness of various sex dolls with their functions among many companies.

About Our Sex Dolls

The two most popular materials used to create sex dolls are silicone and TPE, both of which feel cozy and realistic.

Silicone sex dolls are sex dolls made from silicone material which is more resilient to damage and wear. They need less maintenance and are less likely to retain odors. Due to the material's hardness, which is comparable to that of human skin, silicone dolls also have a tendency to be more lifelike in both appearance and feel. They can be heated for a longer time, and yes, we offer heat systems for our silicone sex dolls.

Conversely, TPE dolls are softer and more flexible. They are simpler to position in various sexual positions as a result. They are also simpler to shape into realistic and seductive dolls. Generally speaking, they cost less than silicone dolls.

The term "standing feet" is frequently used to describe some sex dolls' feet, which have three screws that extend from the footplate through the sole. The visible screws are intended to serve as hardpoint reinforcement to support the doll's weight, reduce pressure on the doll's feet, and prevent damage to the skin's delicate surface. However, because the screws go through the skin, these places are vulnerable to small skin rips.

Additionally, certain manufacturers of silicone dolls now have a new "hard feet" option that can also be used for "standing feet." It serves the same purpose as the three-screw standing feet. Better yet, the entire body is supported by nothing more than the feet alone.

It's not entirely advised to allow any doll to stand on its own and maintain its own weight, whether it has standing feet with screws or hard feet. Use a support at all times to steady and distribute weight. Use a dedicated doll/mannequin fixture or stand as an alternative. Although this may interfere with your fantasy, it is the reality with all tpe and silicon sex dolls in the market today. After reading about the standing feet option for your Sex Doll, you might be able to decide which one you need more.

Like a real woman's non-detachable vagina, the doll's built-in/fixed vagina is fixed into the body of the doll.

The removable vagina has a vagina insert in the shape of a sleeve that is simple to put in or remove from the private areas.

What is preferable? While each of them has advantages and limitations of their own. The removable vagina is simpler to maintain and replace, but a fixed vagina offers a more natural user experience. After reading about the differences between fixed and removable vaginas, you might be able to decide which you will like more.

About Sex Doll Orders

Visit our payment options here for more details on our payment methods.

Yes, please check to see whether you received an email confirming your order. If not, please look for the order confirmation in your SPAM bin. If you respond to us with an accurate email address, we will give you the order confirmation, photos from the doll manufacturer, and tracking information.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Unlike any other provider, if there is a flaw with your doll when you receive it, contact us within 24 hours, and if the doll has not been used, we will either fix or replace it depending on the defect's severity.

Although they occasionally happen, all of our dolls undergo a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure that such occurrences are rare.

No, sorry. Visitation or package pickup is no longer permitted under the terms of our warehouse license.

The order will be processed within 24 hours. Please email us immediately if you need to update the doll's details or cancel your order; we'll check it out and get back to you immediately. Here are some more details on canceling.

Sex Doll Delivery

On average, it takes 4-8 weeks from the date of your order for you to get the package. This time is a rough estimate; there can be exceptions. Furthermore, during Chinese special holidays like the Spring Festival, National Day, etc., a delay will likely be much longer than usual. It also depends on if you want to adjust any details if you don't like your order.

The in-stock doll often arrives 3–6 days after the order, whereas the custom doll typically takes 4-8 weeks. It would take longer to make a silicone doll than a TPE doll.

Visit our shipping information page for additional details about how we ship packages.

We offer free shipping all over USA but not Alaska and Hawaii. Please do not hesitate to contact us for and questions and concerns.

Dolls that are currently in stock are carefully completed and packaged in the warehouse and may be dispatched right away from the US/European warehouse.

Custom dolls are produced in and sent from China.

Yes, we can send the package for you to pick up at your nearest FedEx or UPS location. Just give us the FedEx or UPS location's address, and we'll send the package there for you to pick up. Before the shipment, kindly call FedEx/UPS to confirm.

You may see the order details on the order page, including the shipment. If you purchased a sex doll while shopping as a guest, you should create an account on SexDollHoney.com and log in to view the delivery details for your order.

Yes, all goods are shipped in covert packaging; the box does not bear any identifying markings or labels indicating a Sex doll inside. We can send the order to a FedEx/UPS location for you to pick up at your convenience if you prefer not to have it delivered to your home.

If You Have More Questions

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