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SexDollHoney TPE Sex Dolls stand out as truly unique and lifelike creations. Meticulously crafted through wax carving techniques, these dolls possess an ethereal beauty that captures the essence of a heavenly body and angelic countenance. Over recent years, Western customers have embraced SexDollHoney’s silicone sex dolls, making them increasingly popular.

SexDollHoney - Premium TPE Realistic Love Dolls

SexDollHoney, headquartered in China, stands as a prominent and renowned manufacturer of adult love dolls. Our company is deeply committed to pioneering good-quality  and at the same time very price-frinedly companions and continually pushing the boundaries to replicate human skin with unparalleled realism. SexDollHoney is celebrated for its extensive range of models, lifelike craftsmanship, and supple skin. Regardless of your preferences in a partner, you're likely to find your ideal companion here. 

We Offer Extensive Customization

We offer an extensive array of free options that empower you to personalize your chosen sex doll. Additionally, we provide a range of valuable paid add-ons designed to enhance aspects such as storage, transportation, and even modifications to elevate the realism. Of course, if you are completely content with the images displayed on our website, you may simply opt for the default selections below.

When it comes to the body types

  SexDollHoney Dolls cater to various preferences with 9 different heights, ranging from 150cm to 170cm. These full-size sex dolls are designed to match real human height.

Please keep in mind that SexDollHoney are created using fixed body shape molds, which means that breast customization is not available. However, you have the option to personalize the color and size of the areola. 

Skin Tones and Body Types of WM Sex Dolls

SexDollHoney Dollsoffers a diverse selection of six doll skin tones: White, Natural, Medium, Tan, Coco, Black and even Blue.

Breast Options for WM Sex Dolls

There are three different types of breasts on SexDollHoney Dolls. 

Solid Breasts  
Solid Breasts: A Prevalent Choice in the Sex Doll Industry

Among the various breast types available in the sex doll industry, solid breasts emerge as the most commonplace. These breasts are meticulously crafted, featuring a filling of high-grade silicone materials or premium TPE. If your preference leans toward perky and firm breasts, this breast option is likely to resonate with your tastes.

For those who do not possess specific or distinctive preferences, there is no necessity to seek an upgrade beyond the standard breast option. The standard solid breasts exhibit an exceptionally realistic appearance and tactile quality, ensuring a satisfying experience without the need for additional customization."

Hollow Breasts
Hollow Breasts: A Unique and Responsive Choice

Hollow breasts are a distinct variant among sex doll breast types. Unlike the conventional use of silicone material or gel, these breasts are filled with air, endowing them with a delightful squeamishness that enhances the sense of realism when touched. Moreover, their exceptional ability to effortlessly regain their perky shape when gripped adds to the overall tactile experience.

It's important to note that selecting hollow breasts does not entail any additional cost, as they are a standard feature. If your preference aligns with curvaceous sex dolls boasting soft and buoyant breasts, then hollow breasts may be your preferred option. However, it's crucial to be mindful that hollow breasts demand diligent maintenance due to their increased susceptibility to damage and the potential for sagging if subjected to undue stress or mishandling.

Gel Breasts 
Gel Breasts: Exceptionally Realistic and Easy to Maintain

Gel breasts are celebrated for their remarkable realism, particularly in their response to massage and touch. They boast a soft, perky, and firm texture that combines the finest attributes of both hollow and solid breasts. Importantly, unlike hollow breasts, they require minimal maintenance, ensuring their long-lasting appeal without the risk of sagging.

For those who seek the most authentic experience with sex doll breasts, the upgrade to gel breasts is the optimal choice. The sensation of movement and softness is enhanced when fondling and caressing them, guaranteeing an immersive and lifelike encounter.

The gel-filled breasts choice is exclusively offered for dolls ranging from cup size B to F.


Built-in Vs Removable Vagina

Fixed Vagina 
Let's explore the characteristics of fixed vaginas in more detail. Fixed vaginas are known for their heightened realism, making them a top choice for those seeking an experience closely resembling that of a real woman. This authenticity is achieved through careful design, mirroring the anatomical features of a real female.

Another notable advantage of fixed vaginas is their user-friendliness. You won't encounter the complexities of removing and reinserting them, ensuring a straightforward experience.

However, it's important to consider the downsides of the fixed vagina option. Cleaning them can prove to be a challenging task, particularly due to the size and weight of the dolls. This challenge becomes even more significant when aiming for a thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

Removable Vagina 

One significant advantage of removable vaginas is their ease of cleaning and maintenance. Keeping your sex doll in impeccable condition becomes a hassle-free endeavor with this choice. Furthermore, in case of unforeseen issues, the cost of replacing a removable vagina is relatively budget-friendly.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge a notable drawback associated with removable vaginas. During intimate encounters with the doll, there's a tendency for the removable vagina to shift, which can slightly detract from the overall sense of realism in the experience.

In the end, the decision between fixed and removable vaginas hinges on your personal preference and comfort level. By carefully evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your specific desires and expectations.

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