SexDollHoney proudly presents an expansive selection of WM Dolls, masterfully crafted by the renowned Jinsan factory. Specializing in TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sex dolls, we offer a diverse range of over 200 authentic WM sex dolls, each designed with meticulous attention to detail. These WM dolls are artfully created to mimic human characteristics, encompassing true-to-life height, soft skin texture, and anatomical accuracy, including lifelike genital features. Elevate your experience by customizing your ideal WM Love Doll, with choices spanning skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, areola sizes, and more, granting you the doll of your dreams!


When it comes to the body types

 WM Dolls cater to various preferences with 23 different heights, ranging from 148cm to 175cm (please note that there are no dolls in 149cm, 151cm, 153cm, 154cm, or 161cm heights). These full-size sex dolls are designed to match real human height.

Please keep in mind that WM Sex Dolls are created using fixed body shape molds, which means that breast customization is not available. However, you have the option to personalize the color and size of the areola. Among the most sought-after body types from WM Doll are 157B, 160B, 160D, 163H, and 166C.

As fashion trends evolve and based on valuable customer feedback, WM Doll introduces new body shape molds annually. Be sure to explore our sex doll collection to discover the latest arrivals. Don't miss out on the newest lifelike sex dolls for 2023-2024.






Skin Tones and Body Types of WM Sex Dolls

WM DOLLS offers a diverse selection of six doll skin tones: White, Medium, Pink, Tan, Coco, and Black.


Revamped Hyper-realism Body Painting

Our dolls now feature enhanced hyper-realistic body traits, including lifelike skin textures, visible veins, and natural pores.






Breast Options for WM Sex Dolls

The gel-filled breasts choice is exclusively offered for dolls ranging from cup size B to F.

Gel Breasts: Exceptionally Realistic and Easy to Maintain

Gel breasts are celebrated for their remarkable realism, particularly in their response to massage and touch. They boast a soft, perky, and firm texture that combines the finest attributes of both hollow and solid breasts. Importantly, unlike hollow breasts, they require minimal maintenance, ensuring their long-lasting appeal without the risk of sagging.

For those who seek the most authentic experience with sex doll breasts, the upgrade to gel breasts is the optimal choice. The sensation of movement and softness is enhanced when fondling and caressing them, guaranteeing an immersive and lifelike encounter.



WM Doll's Latest Addition

Breathing System The Breathing System is a novel feature introduced by WM Doll in 2021. This innovative function allows WM Sex Dolls to simulate human breathing. Their chests rise and fall rhythmically, and air circulates through their nostrils, replicating the natural act of breathing.




Articulated Fingers Choices for WM Sex Dolls


Previous Version:


These articulated fingers are meticulously crafted with robust metal joints and smooth, rounded tips, preventing damage to the skin. They enable lifelike sex dolls to replicate a wide range of hand movements that were impossible with the old wire fingers. This upgrade is truly captivating for the entire adult sex doll community.


Latest Version:


WM has introduced its newest innovation – ball-jointed hand skeletons. Unlike the typical hand skeletons crafted from coiled copper wires that are prone to breakage, these new hand structures closely emulate the human hand's shape and offer realistic articulation. Say goodbye to any worries about phalanges piercing the skin!




WM Doll Introduces the "Blowjob Sucker" Feature


In a groundbreaking move, WM Doll unveiled its latest innovation in 2023 – the "Blowjob Sucker." This unique feature brings an exciting new dimension to your doll's intimate experiences. The charging port is conveniently located under the armpit, and it takes approximately 2-3 hours to charge.


Please Note: The "Blowjob Sucker" option is not compatible with the Body Heating System, Removable Vagina, or Lubricant-free option.





Authentic WM Dolls: Verify with the Anti-fake Code


In response to the proliferation of counterfeit WM Sex Dolls online, WM Dolls has taken a proactive step to safeguard its customers. They have introduced the WM Dolls Anti-fake System, allowing customers to verify the authenticity of their lifelike companions.




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