How Does the Yoga Skeleton Different from the Standard Skeleton?

in How to Use Sex Dolls
How does the skeletal structure of a Yoga practitioner different from that of an individual with a standard skeletal structure? Now we will provide you with an in-depth clarification about it as well.

Standard Skeleton

● The conventional framework restricts the ability of your figurine to perform a shoulder shrug.

● The range of motion for typical skeletons is limited to flexion and extension in the sagittal plane.

● It is possible to flex the elbows and knees to a degree of approximately 90 degrees.

Yoga Skeleton

● The latest version of the Yoga skeleton enables your doll to perform shoulder shrugs. Capable of assuming a wider range of poses with greater realism.

● Doll enthusiasts worldwide appreciate the spine's flexibility, which allows for a range of movements during intimate moments.

● The legs have the flexibility to be positioned in a W shape or brought down to reach the buttocks.


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