How to Properly Store Sex Dolls?

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When it comes to owning a sex doll, proper storage is a must. Storing your doll incorrectly may lead to damage, and ultimately ruin what might be a significant investment for your pleasure. Whether you have decided to store it for a short or extended period, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to protect it from any impairments. Heres how you can properly store your sex doll:

1. Lying flat
Storing your sex doll lying flat helps to distribute the weight of the doll evenly, and reduces the risk of damage to any part of the doll such as being distorted or disfigured. Lying it flat is also the most space-efficient way of storing your doll, as it takes up the least amount of space.

Keep in mind that you should lie your sex doll on a bed or comfortable storage box, and not on a hard surface. This is especially true if your sex doll is made with TPE Material where it’s difficult to recover from collapsible dent.

If possible, you can also add pillows to the dolls waist and lower legs so it can maintain the natural curve it offers.

2. Hanging
Hanging your sex doll prevents it from getting squished or bent out of shape, which can lead to permanent damage. To hang your sex doll, you will need a sturdy hook or hanger that can support the weight of your doll. Make sure to choose a location that is dry and away from direct sunlight to prevent damage to the material.

Once you have found the right spot, carefully place the doll on the hanger or hook. It's important to note that not all sex dolls are suitable for hanging. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions before attempting to hang your doll, as some may not be designed to support the weight of the doll in this manner.

3. Sitting
Storing your sex dolls through sitting helps to prevent any damage to the doll's limbs that may occur if it's hung up or stored in a standing position. Additionally,

sitting the doll down can help to maintain the doll's original shape and prevent any bending or warping that can occur over time. Sitting the doll down can also make it easier to display the doll in a cabinet or on a shelf without worrying about it falling over or getting damaged.

4. Standing
This is the least recommended method to store your sex dolls.

The reason behind this is that standing dolls can cause stress to the joints and limbs, leading to potential damage or deterioration of the doll's construction. The weight of the sex doll's head, for example, can cause the neck to weaken and tilt over time, leading to misalignment and potential damage to the doll's face or hair. Similarly, the use of doll stands can also cause stress to the doll's feet and legs.

If you still opt to store your dolls standing, you should make sure to use a sturdy base, such as a doll stand, to support their weight. Also, be sure to check on them regularly to ensure they are not leaning or falling.

Final thoughts
By following the advice in this post, you can ensure that your dolls are kept safe and in great condition for years to come. Remember to keep them out of direct sunlight, use acid-free materials, and store them in a dry, cool place. With some care and attention, your dolls can continue to bring joy for generations to come.


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