Tips for repair Your TPE Love Doll

in Sex Doll Care

When subjected to pressure from heavy objects, sex dolls may develop indentations on their surfaces. Alternatively, the same impact can be observed if the doll is positioned incorrectly in an unsuitable location.

1.A Warm Cloth
Place a fresh, warm cloth over the crease for a few moments. Next, don a pair of pristine white gloves and gently press your palms against the dent until it disappears.

Place a moist white cloth (or towel) over the indentation and apply heat to the area for a period of time. Over time, you'll observe that the indentations and marks caused by pressure on the sex doll's exterior gradually fade away.

Repairing the cuts and scrapes on TPE sex dolls
Improper handling of sharp objects can pose a structural hazard and lead to harm to your beloved dolls.

Solvent for Repairing TPE
The TPE Repair Kit is a solution that is specifically designed to fix any skin damage that may occur on TPE love dolls. The TPE Kit is melted and fused together upon closure, similar to the process of electric welding.

Instructions for Use:

  • Moisten a piece of TPE and gently wipe the affected area to eliminate any debris or surplus oil.
  • Separate the edges of the injury using your digits. Using the included Cotton Swab, gently apply a light layer of TPE Repair Solvent to the inside of the injury.
  • Apply pressure to the wound and keep it closed for a few minutes to give the TPE Repair Solvent time to dissolve the wound. Apply pressure to the injury until it no longer rebounds.
  • After closing the wound, it is recommended to let it heal for a period of 24 hours. Position the doll accurately to prevent any strain on the wound while it heals.

Caution: TPE Repair Solvent can cause severe damage to TPE. Avoid overusing the TPE Repair Solvent on your doll.


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