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In 2018, SexDollHoney made its entrance into the budding Sex doll industry in Europe and the USA. Selling realistic sex dolls made with advanced features and top-quality materials.

As a company founded by doll lovers, we understand the journey from buying your first doll to looking for the best features and choosing the doll that is right for you. This is why we offer only top-notch customer support services to anyone who comes to us at any point on their journey.

We took things up a notch in 2017 when we launched our Love Doll warehouse plus showroom in California and opened its doors to doll lovers across the country. It became a safe space where people came to buy dolls and explore their world. We offer fast 5–7-day delivery to everyone who makes a purchase; outdoing others in the field in terms of quality and fast delivery.

We believe you shouldn’t go through the stress of waiting over 30 days just to receive a customized doll from China when you can get it right here. In addition, it is uncertain which seller will get the quality and the accuracy of specifications you requested, so in the end, customization may not be worth it.

When you buy with us, you eliminate the stress of waiting long days and wondering if your products will be of a premium standard. You can get them directly from our store without outrageous wait times or compromises on quality.

Genuine Quality Guaranteed
We have gradually expanded our operations center and increased the number of dolls stored in our warehouse from twenty to about three hundred unique dolls. All our dolls come straight from the original producers without any middlemen, so each doll is marked with an anti-counterfeit code that verifies its originality and legitimacy. You can rest assured that you are receiving premium dolls.

Customizable In-stock Dolls
SexDollHoney stocks up on the best dolls from diverse brands in the industry. You’ll find products sorted out according to region and manufacturer at our virtual and physical stores and some of these dolls are open to slight customization. For in-stock dolls that can be customized, you can select their hairstyles, and some other features.

The product pages carry all the information you need to know about the dolls to enable you to make decisions. Accessories can be added to your doll later to enhance its overall look and beauty. In essence, you’re in charge of deciding some parts of the doll’s final looks.