We are dedicated to offering our customers quick, dependable, and secure shipping services on our website. We also know how crucial it is for you to receive your love dolls on time, in perfect shape, and discreet packaging. To ensure a seamless delivery process, we have teamed up with the most dependable carriers and carefully packed each item. To make your buying experience as seamless as possible, you can find all the information you need regarding our shipping policies, expected delivery dates, and other pertinent facts on this page about shipping. We have a committed customer support team that is available at all times if you have any questions.

1. Worldwide Shipping without Hidden Costs

When it comes to global shipping, we've got you covered. If you're in the US, you won't have to worry about any sneaky additional charges. We believe in transparency, so all taxes and customs clearance fees are already factored into the price you see. Plus, we take care of these costs whenever we can. That's right – we've got your back. We handle the shipping and customs fees, so you won't be hit with any unexpected expenses.

We ship worldwide exclusively via Air Shipping. (Please note that we don't ship to certain countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Libya, Kosovo, Iraq, etc.) Also, it's important to mention that for select countries, including CAN, NOR, AUS, SE, and SA, we cannot pay import fees in advance.

2. Discreet Delivery for Your Privacy

Your privacy matters to us, and we respect it fully. When you order one of our top-quality sex dolls, rest assured it will arrive in discreet packaging.

Your doll will be delivered in a plain, unbranded brown box.

The delivery handler or courier will have no idea about the contents of the package.

On the declaration, it will simply be listed as "Mannequin."

3. Production Time Tailored to You

We know you can't wait to meet your new companion, so we aim to create your doll in a timely manner. Typically, it takes 5 to 14 days to craft your doll, although the exact time can vary based on the brand and materials. In some cases, we may even be able to expedite production to get your doll to you sooner.

Keep in mind that production times may be affected by holidays like New Year's Day, Christmas Day, National Day, and the Chinese Spring Festival.

4. Shipping Time Made Simple

For Dolls in Stock: Once we receive your payment, we'll send you photos of the ready-made dolls from our California warehouse. After your confirmation, we'll ship it out the same day. When you see "5-7 Days in title," it means you'll have your doll in 3-7 days – but only after you give the thumbs up. We won't ship without your confirmation because we want to ensure you're happy with your purchase. Don't worry; if you want some small changes, we can make them, even for dolls in the US stock. If you decide not to keep your order, we can process a refund right away – just let us know!

Please note: Dolls without the title "5-7 Days Delivery!" mean you've bought a customized doll, which will be crafted at the factory and shipped from China after your confirmation.

Custom-made Sex Dolls: Delivery times for custom-made dolls vary depending on the manufacturer, usually taking 5-14 days. However, any items without "In Stock" in the product name will require a custom order. Please keep in mind that this is a projected delivery date, and certain circumstances like Chinese holidays or severe weather can extend this time-frame.

5. Keep Tabs on Your Package

Once your shipment is on its way, we'll upload your tracking number on Shopify the next day. It's essential to monitor your package's progress until it safely reaches your doorstep, just in case anything unexpected happens, like tracking suspension or delays.

6. Modify Your Delivery Details

Pickup: If you plan to pick up your package at a FedEx/UPS location before it's shipped, please provide us with the address. In case FedEx or UPS accidentally delivers to the wrong address, you can call the store to inquire about pickups.

Change Your Shipping Address: Before we ship your order, double-check your address. If you need to change the delivery address after the goods are on their way, please contact us promptly.

Adjust Your Delivery Time or Hold On: Life can get busy, and sometimes you can't be there at the estimated delivery time. No worries! Contact the courier to arrange a more convenient delivery time. After your order is processed and dispatched, you'll receive specific information from the courier.

Always keep your phone accessible, so you don't miss any important messages, and make sure our emails are not lost in spam or blocked

Inspect Your Package with Care

Once your shipment arrives, it's crucial to act promptly. Within 24 hours of receiving your package, take the time to inspect each item closely for any signs of damage. If you notice any issues, whether it's damage to the delivery box or potential harm to the contents, don't hesitate to document it.

Snap a picture or record a video of the delivery box if it appears to be damaged. This step is vital because it allows you to file a claim with the shipping company if needed. Even if the cartons seem intact on the outside, we recommend opening each one and conducting a thorough inspection.

Should you discover any damage, be sure to document it with photos or videos. In the unlikely event that your doll sustains damage during shipping, we may require your assistance in filing a claim with the shipping company. Your quick response ensures a smoother resolution process.


When it comes to international shipping, a few factors can occasionally throw a wrench in our well-oiled delivery process. Here's a glimpse into the elements that might affect the delivery of our cherished items to you:

  • Weather Woes: Mother Nature isn't always on our side. Storms, floods, earthquakes – these natural calamities can slow down or even disrupt our deliveries.

  • Customs Check (European Customers): Depending on your country's rules and regulations, your shipment might find itself under the customs magnifying glass. This could introduce delays or, in some cases, even lead to penalties.

  • Local Holidays: Sometimes, the local festivities can put a temporary brake on deliveries. Shipping companies might take a breather or operate on a reduced schedule during these times, causing a ripple effect on delivery times.

  • Political Twists: Politics and regulations can be quite the wild card. They can alter shipping routes, transit times, and the availability of certain items in specific regions. Changes in the political landscape, government rules, or trade policies can all have their say.

  • Unexpected Hiccups: Life throws curve balls, and so does the shipping world. Accidents, strikes, or operational hiccups with shipping carriers can unexpectedly tap the brakes on your delivery.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through these hurdles to ensure your love doll reaches you swiftly and securely. Rest assured, we're committed to providing you with the best service and support throughout the shipping process


Mistakes can happen, and we're here to make things right if they do. If you encounter any of the following package issues, here's what to do:

The Wrong Doll: If the doll you receive looks completely different from what you expected based on factory photos or our website, don't worry. Just send us an unboxing video that includes the doll's entire body, head, shipping label, and the outer package box. We'll promptly get in touch with our manufacturer and the shipping company to sort things out. Your satisfaction matters, and we'll arrange for a fresh replacement if needed.

A Broken Doll: In the unfortunate event that your doll arrives seriously damaged, please file a claim with the courier company right away. Depending on the extent of the damage, we'll either order you a new replacement or provide you with a repair kit for minor damage. We want your doll to be in perfect condition when it arrives!

• Missing Item: If the tracking number indicates that your package was delivered but you never received it, take action immediately. Call UPS/FedEx and submit a claim. For most packages, we include an adult signature service to ensure safe delivery, though exceptions may apply. Your missing item is our concern, and we'll work to resolve it promptly.

Rest assured, we're committed to resolving any package concerns swiftly and effectively to ensure your satisfaction.


Please do not file a claim with your payment card or return the package directly. Instead, kindly send us an email so that we can discuss the cancellation of your order or arrange for the return of your shipment.


Made-to-order and in-stock orders cannot be returned to the shipping address on the package box. Before returning the doll to us, please ensure it is brand new and has never been used