Ultimate Guide to The Sex Doll Moaning System

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Sex dolls have become more and more advanced so today we have sex dolls that can talk and moan. These changes in the sex toy industry are enhancing the experience of having sex with your doll. For example, if you want a love doll wich can moan, all you have to do is add a sound system to the love doll.   

When you get intimate with your sex doll it making the entire sex time more realistic. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about the sex doll moaning sound system. Let's dive in, shall we?   

 Moaning sex dolls are designed with motion sensors and a sound device installed at the doll's head or body. The sound can be controlled with switches or buttons which you can turn on before you use it. While you touch and move the doll, she will make natural moaning sounds.   

  Many doll brands install a moaning sound system in the upper part of the doll. This makes more sense because when the sound comes out of the head, it creates a more realistic feeling that the doll speaks with its mouth.   

Tips For Using the Moaning System 

1.If the sound system is attached to the doll, it is unsafe to bathe with it.   

2.Always keep the buttons and charging ports dry and free of moisture.   

3.The head of the doll is quite fragile, do not place heavy materials on it.   

4.While charging the sound system, keep the doll in one position and try not to move it.   

How to Charge the Moaning System of Your Sex Doll 

All sex doll sound systems have internal batteries that need to be charged by an external power source. To do that, you must locate the charging port of the sound system and plug it into an electric station. 

However, charging the system will not stop you from touching the doll because the chords connected to the moaning system provide low voltage.   


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