Solid, Hollow, or Gel Breasts; A Guide to Breast Options

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Thanks to scientific advancements, there are now many sex doll breast options for doll lovers to choose from. From solid breasts to hollow and gel breasts, how do you know which one is right for you? We've got you covered! Weare bringing you all the details you need to know about the major breast types. 

Solid Breasts  
Solid breast is the most common breast type in the sex doll industry. They are breasts filled with silicone materials or premium TPE. You will love this breast option if you have a thing for perky and firm breasts. 

There's no need to upgrade from the standard breast option if you don't have any unique preferences because they are also very realistic. 

Hollow Breasts
Hollow breasts are breasts filled with air instead of silicone material or gel. They are squishy and give you a more realistic feel when rubbing them. When you grab them, they bounce back to their perky shape effortlessly. You do not need to make any extra payment to upgrade to this breast type. 

If you prefer chubby sex dolls with soft and bouncy breasts, hollow breasts might be your best option. Secondly, hollow breasts are high maintenance because they are easily damaged and can sag if anything causes them to break. 

Gel Breasts 
Gel breasts are highly realistic because of how they feel when you massage them. They are soft, perky, and firm, with all the characteristics of both hollow and solid breasts. However, unlike hollow breasts, they are not high maintenance, so they can last long without sagging. 

If you want to experience the most lifelike sex doll breasts, you should upgrade to gel breasts. You'll feel the movements and the softness more when you fondle and caress them. 

Softer Breasts 
Many people prefer softer breasts and hips on their sex dolls, so the softer breast option was released for those groups. In addition, this breast option is perfect for those who love to squeeze lightly and play with the breasts. 

Before you select a doll breast, you should know that there are certain limitations you may face with sizing. For instance, A and B cup sizes are available in solid breast types, but there are no A cup options for hollow and gel breasts. 

Also, Hollow breasts are only available for breast sizes above the H cup, but you can get gel breasts in B to F cups. In the end, it all comes down to you buying a doll with your favorite breast shape.


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