Guide to Standing Feet in Sex Dolls

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If you're a first-time user of sex dolls, you might be wondering what the standing feet option is and how you can use it effectively. Have no worries; we've got you covered! Here's everything you need to know about it to help you decide if you truly need the standing feet option.

Regular dolls have difficulty standing due to the softness of the material used in making them (TPE). If they stand completely, the skeleton might break the soles of the doll's feet because of their softness. 

Dolls with standing feet are designed with three metal bolts to help support the doll when it stands. The bolts are like an extension of the doll's skeleton, so it keeps the doll standing for a long time without any issues. However, we wouldn’t advise you to leave your sex doll standing for too long as it may fall and get damaged. 

How to Properly Use the Standing Function

The metal bolts at the bottom of the feet of the doll are there to support the doll while standing, so they are not exactly stable. For better functionality, your doll has to be balanced beside a wall or standing platform to rest on it as it stands. 

When you want the doll to stand, make sure it is barefooted or balance it on a soft cloth. If you want to wear shoes for the doll, use socks to pad the feed to prevent shoe damage. Leather insoles and more socks can be used at the same time. 

Should you buy the Standing Feet Option?

Standing and regular doll feet are the same; the only difference is the design of the ankles and the reinforcement of the doll feet' soles so they can stand without support. 

The standing feet option is rigid. You can rotate them downwards at an angle of 150 degrees, but you cannot turn them to the side or upward. 

People who love perfect figures or have a foot fetish will not be impressed with this option because of the three screws at the bottom of the doll's feet.


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