Standard Skeleton in Sex Dolls Vs. Upgraded Yoga Skeleton

in Body Option Differences

If you have purchased a doll recently, you'll probably see the standard skeleton and yoga skeleton options. The name yoga skeleton should be able to give you an idea of what sex dolls with this skeleton are capable of. However, not many sex doll owners know the difference between both skeleton types, so in this blog, we will tell you all about it. 

Standard Skeleton 
Standard skeletons are the typical, more rigid skeleton types that can only bend backward and forward. They cannot shrug their shoulders, and joints like the elbows or knees can only bend up to 90 degrees. In essence, this skeleton type is restricted to basic doll movements.

Yoga Skeleton 
Yoga skeletons are the more advanced skeleton designs with features that allow your doll to shrug its shoulders and assume different poses freely. In addition, yoga skeletons have more realistic movements than standard skeletons, and the spine is super flexible.

Sex dolls with yoga skeletons can lean backward, forward, and sideways, which can be useful during sex. Their legs can also be bent downwards or upward in W positions to try different sex styles. It takes sex with dolls to the next level of experience.

Yoga skeletons have become more widely accepted because of their progressive nature and flexibility. This flexibility means sex doll owners and lovers can try more natural human positions during sex. 

As sex doll technology continues to advance, skeleton options like the ones with double-jointed legs and arms will become more widespread. The more advanced skeletons will have joints that allow them to kneel, squat, and stretch like humans. 


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